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6 cylinders


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Bristol Cars Limited, formerly known as the Car Division of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, has produced luxury cars for almost 60 years. This page gives pictures of cars in the early 6 cylinder range. After 1960 the company started to built cars with a larger ( 8 cylinders ) engine. The history of the company, currently the only wholly British owned car manufacturer, is extensively described on the web-sites of the car manufacturer and the Bristol Owners' Club. Please click on the emblems in the top line of this page to connect to these websites. Pictures of the newer models are shown on my webpage for ' 8 cylinders cars '.

In 2010 the Bristol Aeroplane Company celebrates its centenary and it is envisaged that extensive events on all activities developed by the company during these 100 years will mark this BAC 100 milestone. Bristol Owners' Club and its Continental Section are organising a "Bristols-to-Bristol Run", intended to bring all running Bristol cars back to their place of manufacture. Please check out the dedicated website by clicking here.  


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model 400

model 403

model 401 Beutler

model 403 convertible

model 403

model 404

one-off Bristol 403 Woodie

model 450 Le Mans racer  

my model 405 racing at Zolder

model 406 Zagato

model 406

Cooper Bristol

model 400 Farina

model 401 Beutler Arnolt Bristol


Click here for pictures of the London 100 Years of Cars Parade

Bristol402 Millitary