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In 2006 the 200th anniversary of the birth of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the well known engineer who left his mark on the South-East of England, was celebrated by exiting and wide-ranging programmes of exhibitions and other events commemorating his life and achievements. His works are significant as an example for engineers and innovators who followed him and who have been inspired to translate their creative thought into into action  ........... like the engineers and sponsors of the British Aeroplane Company  ...........  

In memory of this famous Englishman, Bristol cars got  together and celebrated .......!

In 2010 another celebrational event will take place in the City of Bristol. The Bristol Aeroplane Company, the pioneers of aviation, celebrates its centenary and it is envisaged that extensive events on all activities developed by the company during these 100 years will mark the BAC 100 milestone. Bristol Owners' Club and its Continental Section are organising a "Bristols-to-Bristol Run", intended to bring all running Bristol cars back to their place of manufacture.

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Bristols-to-Bristol Run in 2010


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