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Since the former owner needed some persuation to let this exceptional Bristol car go, it took me a while to become the owner of the "Blue Dutchess". She had been in the hands of a Dutchman for many years already, however was still on UK registration, so I had to import her properly before I could legally drive this Touring designed model from the Filton factory. Ever since, I travelled around Europe and visited France, Spain and Italy and received praise and applause from the Mediterrainean autofiosi for her thoroughbred appearance. I had a Laycock de Normanville J-model overdrive (delivered to me by fellow BOC-member Derek Hughes) retro-fitted, which makes this convertible car into a comfortable cruiser, both on winding roads and on the straight. Click on any of the pictures to view a larger size or click here to go to my webpage on my other Bristol car, a 405 model.








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