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Obviously, my own Bristol 405 is the very best car of the pack; it is unknown who was her first owner, however, like with many Bristol cars, subsequent owners were all RAF officers and their familymembers. The car started her life in grey livery, but sometime in the sixties she received her current green body colour, for which reason  I nicknamed her "The Green Lady".  The car was chosen to feature in Setright's "A Private Car", as the main example for the 405 model and has participated in several Bristol Owners' Club events, such as the Lakeland Tour, the Pyrenees mountains Tour and also took part in the Grand Prix du Champagne.  I toured with her privately in a number of European countries and tend to drive her as often as possible as a commuter, because she is quite comfortable, especially on the longer journeys. Click on any of the pictures to view a larger size or click here to go to my webpage on my other Bristol car, a 402 model.



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