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It is always fun to participate in Classic Car Events, meet the people and their cars, see many interesting cars that have been restored beautifully, some even better than they were when new .....  these occasions trigger  the desire to upgrade my own examples. However, apart from the financial aspect,  it requires a lot of time to invest in such an operation. And time is still a luxury item for me at the moment. So the improvement of my own cars will have to wait.

The next big event to participate in should be the "Bristols-to-Bristol Run" orginised to celebrate the Centenary of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, an initiative of the Continental Section of the Bristol Owners' Club

Please enjoy the pictures of Classic Car Events that I have attended, or failed to assist, in the past. Courtesy to any maker of pictures not taken by me !


Back in The Netherlands in 2008, we have ample opportunities to participate in rallies and other oldtimer events. However, during the first year I was not too active and actually only showed up at the "Vaesrade Oldtimer Tref", which was organised in my new  neighbourhood, Zuid-Limburg. The better occasion for me should have been to participate in the "Fauquemont Classic Heuvelland Rit", but I was too late with my application for this event.  In 2009 I was there to compete ....

Another event, which I just came across was a gathering of MG-T models at the "Uitspanning De Nachtegaal". This restaurant is located in the middle of 50 hectares of nature reserve owned by "Limburg Landschap" and only at chipping distance from my residence. We should bring a couple of Bristol cars here to meet and enjoy the food ......... and have coffees and cigars at my place!

In November 2008 I attended with my daughter Anna the start of the Himalaya Trial, which took off from "Chateau St. Gerlach", a location near us. This challenging driving experience was a rally from the South of The Netherlands to Royal Bhutan in Asia and looking at the cars prepared for this event, I noticed that my cars may need some additional work before I can participate in this sort of ultimate adventure ....... or maybe I should just top up the fuel and roarr off ? 

Please click on any of the pictures below to see pictures of the relevant event


While working in Bangladesh , in March 2007  I joined up with the participants of the "Himalaya   Rally", when they passed through Nepal staying at the Fish Tail Lodge in Pokhara, where, "coincidentally", I  was booked also. Earlier this year I was in contact with the organisers, to arrange for rally to visit Bangladesh too, however at that stage the country's political situation prevented them from deciding to come. Hopefully, next year's chapter of the rally will include beautiful Bangladesh, unspoilt by tourists and featuring the happiest people of the world.  


Another of those events was the "London 100-years of Motorcars Parade", a celebration of 100 years of Motorcars in  Britain, in 2006, in which a large number of cars participated, including my Bristol 402.

Please enjoy the pictures of Classic Car Events that I have attended, or failed to assist, in the past. Courtesy to any maker of pictures not taken by me ! 


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Brunel Celebrations in Bristol 2006

2006, also was the year for the Brunel 200 celebrations, marking the 200th anniversary of Isambard Kingdon Brunel, one of the most versatile, audicious and inspirational engineers, who left his mark on the City of Bristol  with the Clifton Suspension Bridge, ss Great Britain, Temple Meads Station and his improvements to the Docks. Thus, Brunel has become the landmark, for adventurous engineering in the South-West of England and an example for industries like the Bristol Aeroplane Company  .......  a large number of Bristol cars got together to celebrate this event. Click on the picture for the cars participating in this event.


East Anglia Classic Car Rally 2005

Hemingstone Hall - East Anglia Rally 2006




Oldtimer Event Lelystad  2004


Rally d' Ardennes 2002


  Mercedes 220 at Giffords